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These Trucking Safety Features Help Prevent Distracted Driving

Driver distraction is one of the chief causes of road accidents. While some of these distractions are completely unavoidable, most of them can be prevented. Taking up that responsibility ensures better road safety not only for you but other drivers as well. Therefore, embedding your truck with features that can alert the driver if he sidetracks goes a long way in preventing distracted driving. Putting aside electronic distractions and adjusting the side mirrors before starting your journey may help reduce your distraction levels, but the following features will guarantee you stay focused on the road and the truck throughout your trip.

1. Frontal Crash Warning/Avoidance
There is no denying driver distraction and absent-minded driving is the cause of mostmost rear-end crashes. This safety feature uses cameras and radar technology to scan both the traffic and the road ahead. The information received is then transferred to a computer that always calculates that distance every time your truck is on the move. Should the distance between your truck and the car ahead decrease very quickly, an alarm sounds to alert the driver. And if the driver does not apply brakes in time, some versions of this fantastic feature apply the brakes automatically. In fact, click here to find out how a truck accident attorney can help you file a comprehensive compensation claim if such an integrated safety device fails to warn you in good time.

2. Guardian Technology
For long-distance or cross-country driving, Guardian technology should be the feature to have in your truck to avert distractions. Working in real time, Guardian uses image processing technology and advanced sensors to track the drivers’ movements. Focusing majorly on the head, the sensor system alongside a camera monitors your eye movement, any events that might cause a distraction, and alerts you the instance it detects fatigue. These alerts are delivered through an in-truck audio or via seat vibrations (optional). While blinking regularly may be ignored, closing your eyes slowly for at least 1.5 seconds will trigger an alert. Although avoiding distractions should be a driver’s chief priority, we are all human and can be distracted easily. The Guardian is an excellent feature to help you avoid any distractions.

3. Textecution
Textecution is a mobile application that passes for an exquisite trucking safety feature. Most drivers get distracted when a text message comes through their phone. Despite technology showering the trucking industry with innovations that can help you reply to a message while driving verbally without touching your phone, most people just can’t help looking at their device.
This mobile application comes to life when the vehicle is traveling at more than ten mph. When that happens, it shuts down all messaging services so the driver cannot send or receive any text messages, a good way of avoiding distraction.

4. Interstate Exit Guide
Although cell phones offer a lot of distractions to a driver, looking for alternative routes, struggling to read sign boards or looking for a good restaurant while driving can cause a major accident. This App identifies all upcoming exits and a path to the nearest restaurants or amenities. It is a good way to keep you focused on the road as opposed to sticking out your head every five minutes while driving.

The Bottom Line
Truckers need to be on high alert on the road because of the weight their vehicles hold. While a small car might break almost instantaneously, a truck might take time. The more reason to make sure that you have these safety features.