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Monthly Archives: February 2017

The Beginners Guide To Automobiles (What You Need To Know To Get Started)

How to Choose the Right Coolant for Your Truck It is advisable to use the right coolant to ensure your vehicle engine stays in great condition. However, the coolants suitable for trucks may not be the same as those used for small vehicles. Tracks usually haul larger loads such as boats, campers and trailers and given the power they produce, it is logical that their coolant requirements will be different. To find the right truck coolant to buy, it is important to research well. Using the right coolant will ensure that the engine does not overheat or get damaged. The Right Coolant for Your Truck When you start searching for truck coolants or antifreeze, you will come across various types in the market. The most common ones are propylene glycol and ethylene glycol. If you are using ethylene glycol, handle it with extreme care since it is very toxic. It is critical to make sure that the coolant does not drain into the water table. Propylene glycol is more widely used since it is rated to be safer by the national authorities. This coolant has many uses, including in toiletries, foods and aircraft de-icing. However, you should not allow it to drain into the water table, just like is the case with ethylene glycol.
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The general rule of thumb is that the engine coolant and water should be mixed in a 50/50 ratio. Your mixture should never contain less than 40% of water. Most car and truck owners think the main reason for using a coolant is to ensure the engine does not freeze. This is one of the functions but not the main one. The main work of the mixture is to ensure the boiling point temperature stays high while the freezing point temperature stays low. This is the main reason for using a coolant. If you do not use the right coolant, corrosion and rust as well as cylinder wall cavitation can result. These can kill your engine.
Why Automobiles Aren’t As Bad As You Think
Check the Freezing Point If you live in an area that is usually cold, you should keep the concentration of propylene glycol high. The reason for this is due to the inefficiency of the compound in lowering the freezing point.This is because the compound is not efficient in lowering the freezing point. On the other hand, propylene glycol transfers heat faster when used in warm climate areas. This is why the compound is great if you will be hauling large loads on uneven terrains. Mixing Engine Coolant Any concentrated engine coolant should not be diluted with water from a tap. The water can cause scaling of in the engine. The engine coolant should be diluted with distilled or de-ionized water. It is advisable to purchase pre-diluted coolant rather than a concentrated one. You need to do your research well to find the right coolant for your truck. Following the above tips will ensure you end up with the right coolant.

If You Read One Article About Sales, Read This One

Sell Your Car for Cash When you are in a state where cash is the most important issue, one easy way to get a substantial amount of cash to redeem you from that circumstance is by selling your car for cash. Selling your car fast is different from selling your home fast because if you do so, you will now have to look for another house to live and will be needing money for that, so it comes up to no value at all. The value of your car is that it takes you to work where you earn you money, and even if you sell your car you can still take public transportation to get to work so it is really a lot better to sell your car than your house to meet your present needs. Unless of course when you are selling or delivering good as your profession, your car is not tied directly to your ability to make money. Sure your car adds value since it saves you time, drop your kids off at school and etc. but adding up insurance, fuel, maintenance, mileage, and all of the other cost that accompany with car ownership, the cost almost always outweigh the monetary value of a car. However, the car you own is your liquid asset, thoughmost people tend to forget it because of our tendency to be drawn toward how we personally value our vehicle.
What I Can Teach You About Sales
Deeper thinking will lead you to another reality. The fact alone that your car is in on your net worth statement (just like your house) is an indication that your vehicle is an asset, right?
What I Can Teach You About Sales
Whatever you mean by the word asset, it is true that your car is a large purchase that cost thousands or tens of thousands of dollars, the this is the reason why banks include you cars and house as an asset in their assessment of your financial capability. Cars can be sold without losing money and so we can typically say that it is an asset. The above explains to us why one of the best ways we can get fast cash is by selling our cars because it is a liquid asset in a sense that even if you sell it for cash you don’t really lost anything, and you can still do your other responsibilities without it because you have alternatives. So the above explanation should give you the idea that selling your car for cash does not mean you will lose everything because you will not, like selling your house, because you can still find alternatives to going about. There are providers who can attend to your need when you want to sell your used, old, damaged, or even junk car for cash in Las Vegas. By checking out the condition of your car, then can make you an instantaneous offer on the value and worth of it. And once the offer is accepted, they give you the cash instantly.

An Overview of the City of Houston’s Bicycle Laws

Houston is a vast metropolis located in Texas, where a bicycle is almost considered to be of the same stature as an automobile. As a result, the bicyclists must abide by the same laws that apply to the automobile owners, although there are a few exceptions. The cyclists are expected to follow the traffic signals, give hand or arm signals while turning right or left and not speed up. Go slow, and be visible to the other drivers. Having eye contact with the fellow drivers on the road is also helpful at times, to establish communication. In a nutshell, it is very essential for everyone to consider the bicycle as an automobile and a cyclist as a driver. Likewise, the cyclist must also refrain from doing anything, which he or she is not permitted to do as an automobile driver. Discover how you can avoid a bicycle accident in the City of Houston by abiding by these bicycle laws that will ensure you ride safely across the streets:


The bicycle riders should ride only on permanent or regular seats attached to the cycle, and must not carry more persons than the numbers stipulated by the manufacturers.

Bicycle riding on sidewalks is prohibited.

In Texas, riding a bicycle on sidewalks is prohibited in the business districts. Besides, the traffic engineer too has the authority to prohibit bicycles outside the business district by erecting signs. The bicyclists on a sidewalk must give a proper audible signal before they overtake a pedestrian.

Hand on the handlebars.

The rider must have at least one hand on the handlebars, during the ride. Attaching a coaster, toy vehicle or even roller skates is strictly prohibited while riding.

Helmets are mandatory for children.

Whether they are riding a bicycle or taking a seat on a child carrier attached to a bicycle, it is mandatory for every child to wear helmets. By children it is means that any individual under the age of 18 must use helmets.

Use of brakes.

A person is not permitted to operate a bicycle unless there is a fully functional brake in it.

Riding a bicycle at night.

Travelling in a bicycle at night is allowed; if the bicycle is equipped with a front lamp which emits light visible from a distance of 500 feet or a red reflector and headlamps that are visible from a distance.

Organizing a competitive race.

In order to organize a bicycle race on a public road, the legal permission of the law enforcement agencies is required and organizers should consider the safety regulations of the riders.

Selling a bicycle.

A dealer can sell a bicycle, child carrier or a side trailer, along with a written statement of the terms to the purchaser. The statement must be endorsed by the police chief, which the dealer can collect and print for distribution. In the case of minors, the dealers must not hand over the bicycle even for leasing without a helmet. He or she can impose an extra fee for the same.


In the case of violation of this division, there should be a fine of $50 on the first conviction, and after that $100, in the second and the consecutive convictions.


These are only a few sections of the bicycle laws at Houston. In order to understand them fully, you may consider consulting a lawyer.

These Trucking Safety Features Help Prevent Distracted Driving

Driver distraction is one of the chief causes of road accidents. While some of these distractions are completely unavoidable, most of them can be prevented. Taking up that responsibility ensures better road safety not only for you but other drivers as well. Therefore, embedding your truck with features that can alert the driver if he sidetracks goes a long way in preventing distracted driving. Putting aside electronic distractions and adjusting the side mirrors before starting your journey may help reduce your distraction levels, but the following features will guarantee you stay focused on the road and the truck throughout your trip.

1. Frontal Crash Warning/Avoidance
There is no denying driver distraction and absent-minded driving is the cause of mostmost rear-end crashes. This safety feature uses cameras and radar technology to scan both the traffic and the road ahead. The information received is then transferred to a computer that always calculates that distance every time your truck is on the move. Should the distance between your truck and the car ahead decrease very quickly, an alarm sounds to alert the driver. And if the driver does not apply brakes in time, some versions of this fantastic feature apply the brakes automatically. In fact, click here to find out how a truck accident attorney can help you file a comprehensive compensation claim if such an integrated safety device fails to warn you in good time.

2. Guardian Technology
For long-distance or cross-country driving, Guardian technology should be the feature to have in your truck to avert distractions. Working in real time, Guardian uses image processing technology and advanced sensors to track the drivers’ movements. Focusing majorly on the head, the sensor system alongside a camera monitors your eye movement, any events that might cause a distraction, and alerts you the instance it detects fatigue. These alerts are delivered through an in-truck audio or via seat vibrations (optional). While blinking regularly may be ignored, closing your eyes slowly for at least 1.5 seconds will trigger an alert. Although avoiding distractions should be a driver’s chief priority, we are all human and can be distracted easily. The Guardian is an excellent feature to help you avoid any distractions.

3. Textecution
Textecution is a mobile application that passes for an exquisite trucking safety feature. Most drivers get distracted when a text message comes through their phone. Despite technology showering the trucking industry with innovations that can help you reply to a message while driving verbally without touching your phone, most people just can’t help looking at their device.
This mobile application comes to life when the vehicle is traveling at more than ten mph. When that happens, it shuts down all messaging services so the driver cannot send or receive any text messages, a good way of avoiding distraction.

4. Interstate Exit Guide
Although cell phones offer a lot of distractions to a driver, looking for alternative routes, struggling to read sign boards or looking for a good restaurant while driving can cause a major accident. This App identifies all upcoming exits and a path to the nearest restaurants or amenities. It is a good way to keep you focused on the road as opposed to sticking out your head every five minutes while driving.

The Bottom Line
Truckers need to be on high alert on the road because of the weight their vehicles hold. While a small car might break almost instantaneously, a truck might take time. The more reason to make sure that you have these safety features.

Why You Might Consider Using Uber Rather than Driving Yourself to Work

By now, you have probably heard of the many benefits of using Uber. This holds true especially for those who have to go to work on a regular basis and would like to take a break from driving themselves to work. That said, here are some of the benefits you can enjoy from using Uber.

Convenience of Getting to Work in a Timely Manner
One of the perks of riding an Uber when going to work is convenience. As long as you have a smartphone, and have installed the Uber app, you’d have the luxury of requesting a ride wherever you are and be picked up in a matter of minutes. No need to call a taxi dispatch service, nor stand on the street waiting for an empty cab. With Uber you’ll be able to save time and never be late for work again. Though, with the benefits comes the risk. Just like with a private car, there are also chances of getting involved in a car accident. No matter how careful the driver is. If you want to know more about that, simply click here.

Very Affordable and Flexible
As compared to taxi cab services, Uber is cheaper, especially in the metropolis. The reason why it’s cheap is because the drivers own a private vehicle. The pricing system is also easy to understand. Taxi services charge by the mile, and Uber follows the same pattern. However, you have to go at least 11 miles per hour. Wherein, if you’re going less than 11 miles per hour– usually due to traffic– then you’ll get charged every minute. That means that the driver would be paid fairly for their time. Not just that, it’s also important to note that Uber vehicles are also more flexible than buses and trains that must follow a specific route or path. An Uber vehicle can easily have its way and move freely across the streets, and expressways.

High Quality Service
One of the things that a lot of customers praise about Uber is the quality of service being offered. All the Uber drivers have undergone training, and they’re also friendly and easy to communicate with. Furthermore, they also know the area quite well. Which means you won’t have to instruct them about the directions. This is perfect for those who has gotten used to driving a private car, but would love to take a break from doing so every now and then. Just like with your own car, Uber cars are also clean and comfortable. The driver has done everything to ensure that you’ll have an enjoyable ride. Which means, you’ll have the feeling of driving in style, minus the need to drive yourself to work.

Opportunities for Free Rides
This depends on one’s city. Sometimes, Uber has a promotion where they offer a free ride. This could be for a period of time wherein riders could avail a free ride. Likewise, existing customers can also get a promo code and have their rides discounted. Who can say no to that? Imagine, you’d have a private driver, and you don’t have to pay a single dime during these promotions.